About Us

Dream Builders University Athletics is all about greatness—yours.

We are here to serve you…you, the individual; you the team; you the school; you the organization; you the league. You all. We can help you start doing what you haven’t done yet and better do what you’re already doing.  We build into you so you can build into others.  Some call this “paying it forward” or “reciprocation.”  We simply call it “the right thing to do.”
DBU Athletics is a team of overcomers, coaches, good friends, and social scientists—which means we are probably something like your own team.  We believe in belief.  We love to learn.  We pursue partnerships.  And we seek to serve.  All while having as much fun as possible.
Oh, we love sports, too.  Of course.  We love sports because sports are a very accessible vehicle that can inspire, equip, and challenge millions of people…if sports are done right, which is not always the case (as you’ve probably experienced) and which has little to do with wins/losses.
We also love sports because sports are authentic.  That is, sports serve as a looking glass: They reveal who we really are.
So if you are in sports and you’d like to improve what you see in the mirror, get in touch with us.  And please know that although we can’t help you with your hair (well…maybe in some cases!), we certainly can help you with your heart.


DBU Athletics provides exceptional, customized professional development services to athletic organizations of all levels and sizes.


DBU Athletics aspires to be the primary resource for every individual who wants to grow as a leader and practitioner within his/her sport. 


DBU Athletics will make sports better for all involved by making all involved better for sports.